Calling All 2018/19 Brides: Free wedding planning guide!

Calling All 2018/19 Brides: Free wedding planning guide! have either recently or just got engaged, and you haven’t a CLUE where to begin. It’s natural; a wedding is a mammoth task and it’s likely you will have never planned an event as big or as important before. SO many considerations. SO many decisions to make. But don’t worry...I got you covered!

When chatting to brides about their stationery, it often comes to light that they struggle to keep a track of everything they need to do, and by what stage, in their wedding planning journey. Which is why I knew I needed to help my fellow sisters (and brothers) out...

And so, I created a printable wedding planner guide!

Completely free of charge, the planner contains 120 pages of checklists, budget trackers, moodboard space, empty ‘notes’ pages and more...all aimed at helping you keep on top of your wedding planning journey!

So, how do I get my mits on one of these planners?

Easy...just click here, fill in the contact form with 'Free Wedding Planner' and be sure to include your email address - we’ll send you a link via weTransfer (as the file Is pretty big!)

Then simply print and get planning!

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