Supplier Love: Caroline Opacic Photography

Supplier Love: Caroline Opacic Photography

We love working with talented industry professionals, and we are so honoured to be able to work with such people on a regular basis. The wedding scene is jam-packed with shining stars who love the work they don't have to look too far to find someone brimming with joy for their chosen profession, and Caroline Opacic is no exception. 

A wedding photographer based in East London, she is also a hopeless romantic, an adventurer and traveler, a music addict and generally a happy-go-lucky kinda girl. More often than not you’ll find her exploring Epping Forest with her camera, at gigs dancing like no one is watching, or chilling at home with her other half.

We caught up with her to find out just what makes her 'camera flash'...

Describe your photography style in five adjectives?

Honest, natural, light, intimate, romantic.

Do you shoot film, digital or both?

I shoot digital but would love to get a classic Canon and try film - the cinematic, dreamy look is totally up my street. I once had a Diana Mini which was fun but it broke - I would consider getting another one but knowing how snap happy I am, I would spend a small fortune on film!

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What is your favourite wedding photograph you have shot and why?

This is such a hard question! My favourite shots are always the natural ones that show my couples as they really are. When I look through my portfolio, I keep coming back to this one of Emma & Chris. It was taken as we were wrapping up their portraits and were just joking around, but I think it captures them both so perfectly. They are such an in love and funny couple, and this photo really conveys that.

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What is the one thing you’d like very couple to know before their wedding day?

In terms of their photographer, I would want them to know they can trust them. Trust them to capture everything, and also trust them when they want to try something new and creative! Every wedding day is different, so as a photographer you’re always learning and seeing new ways of capturing something - and sometimes these work out as the winning shot.

Where would your ideal wedding shoot be?

As a lover of the great outdoors and traveling, I was blown away when I went to California last year to road trip Highway 1. When I got back, I started following loads of insanely talented photographers on Instagram who are working in those areas. I am constantly envious of their shoot backdrops - the Big Sur, Death Valley etc… My dream would be to do a shoot in Yosemite. I love combining the natural world in my photos and having more of an earthy feel.

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What is the most important thing to remember as a wedding photographer?

I think you need to remember that your couples don’t get married everyday - it’s a new experience and potentially a very stressful and highly emotional day. I always try and remember how they are feeling throughout the day and try to do more than just be their wedding photographer. I am on hand to help with final preparations, make a cup of tea if needed, and generally offer a friendly face. I also think it’s really important to offer good encouragement and direction through the portrait shoots - you’ll get the best out of your couples that way.

If you would like to contact Caroline for your wedding, please contact her via Instagram or via her website.

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