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Rebecca Carpenter Photography

You may have seen recently that I had some of my work shot by the amazing talent that is Rebecca Carpenter. I will pre-warn you; this is a blog largely singing her praises..but there is of course, some stunningly pretty stationery sandwiched in between. 

I first 'met' Rebecca when she photographed this amazing shoot in collaboration with my other lovely friends Kayleigh Keen and Valentina Ring. I was blown away by how she captured the story, and was equally blown away with how much time she spent shooting my work for this particular project. Fast forward over a year, and we're regulars in each others inboxes, talking all things Drag Race, Disney and work.

Rebecca in Santorini

This is Rebecca - she's a real life princess.

In fact, over the past year or so, I have come to see Rebecca as a confidante alongside a colleague...which is crazy as we have never actually met in real life. But it just goes to show that even online and over WhatsApp, you can find kindred spirits who just get you. It's so vitally important when you work for yourself. 

I have watched her grow, always in awe of how she conducts herself and how she manages to find such beauty in every single thing she sees. I'm also super proud of her upcoming workshops...just goes to show that hard work, dedication and being completely lovely and genuine can lead to amazing opportunities. If you haven't found the perfect photographer for you're big day, then she is definitely one of the ladies on my rundown of the best of the best (infact, expect a blog about this soon).

Here is some of Rebecca's wedding work...

Rebecca Carpenter

Now, I know you know me for my dark and moody Instagram feed; it's an aesthetic that works for me in terms of drawing in my ideal client. But there are some suites I have worked on over the past year which needed a lighter hand...a more feminine touch. 

Which is why I wanted Rebecca to shoot them.

And it just so goes that Rebecca was in need of some of my skills so we managed to turn this project into a skill a side point, I am stoked to be working with Rebecca on her project but that's still under wraps for now.

Rebecca's interpretation of my work started with purchasing some amazing photo boards, and a trip to a flower market, where the girl did good and choose some amazing florals and foliage to accentuate my work. She then shot suites in her house, where she has a perfectly placed skylight directly over her dining room table. Perfection.

 Em & Dan's Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey Wedding

Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey Wedding

Em & Dan wanted to showcase the area in which they were getting married, which is also an area I spent lots of time growing up - we included venue illustrations of St Stephens Church and the Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey. We also incorporated a map of the local area, including Ilkley Moor, Skipton Castle and the stepping stones at Bolton Abbey. Florals were kept mute in soft shades of green, pink and cream.

Em opted for concertina invites, which included a tear off RSVP section for guests to return.

Charlotte & Jack's Aynhoe Park Wedding

When Charlotte first got in touch about her Aynhoe Park wedding to Jack, I felt like I was in a dream. Aynhoe is one of those iconic venues and I was STOKED to have been asked to supply a wedding there. The Charlotte dropped in that her wedding theme was based around an Amie Bone installation set there, and I was like "is this for this really my job"?

Aynhoe Park Wedding Stationery

We decided to pay homage to the menagerie of taxidermied animals on display there, and include a giraffe, zebra and fox. Each of the animals displayed floral crowns in the couples colours, and the main invite included an intricate, abundant and asymmetrical floral wreath.

Jack & Jess's Godwick Hall Wedding

Jess got in touch citing the holy trinity of Norfolk weddings...Godwick, The Little Lending Company and Swaffham Florist. So I was immediately desperate to create their wedding stationery. When the lovely couple booked in, I was even more excited when they shared their colour palette...dark greens, tan, navy and white tones.

Their suite featured boho nods, such a feathers and foliage. I also created a beautiful hanging fabric banner for their table plan...images of that to come!

Godwick Great Hall Wedding Invites

Tom & Alice's Bodegas Binifadet Wedding

It was actually Alice's lovely mum Penny who got in touch about their Menorcan wedding - Alice had wanted a traditional Menorcan olive gate as part of her stationery, and was keen to include gold hot foiling.

Bodegas Binifadet Wedding Invites

Alice and Tom were legally wed in the UK, and had their wedding blessed at Bodegas Binifadet in Menorca. 

Danielle & Lee's Stock Brook Wedding

With her bridesmaids in cornflower blue, Danielle wanted to take elements of my now retired blue sky collection and shape them to fit in with her wedding to Lee at Stock Brook Country Club. We added in butterflies and more cornflower blue shades to the roundel monogram and belly band.

How beautifully do these colours pop!

Stock Brook Wedding

All images shot and styled by Rebecca Carpenter. Stationery designed and printed by Wonderland Invites.

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