What's In An Invitation?

What's In An Invitation?

Your wedding stationery is, apart from booking the venue and choosing the dress, one of the most essential aspects of planning a wedding. Your invitations are crucial in setting the tone for your big day, while at the same time, they give your guests all the information they need to prepare for your event.

We are often asked by our lovely customers ‘what information do we need to include?’ Well, although each wedding is entirely different from the next, there are a number of key items almost all stationery suites need to include…

The Invitation

If you are only going to send out one paper item before your wedding day...I would turn in my proverbial grave if that item wasn't a wedding invitation. An absolute necessity, from the smallest to the largest wedding, invitations are the most fundamental part of your stationery suite.


Key things to include:

- Date

- Arrival time (of guests, not the bride!)

- Location

- Who is doing the inviting? Parents, bride & groom? Make this clear!

The Information Card

Naturally, your guests will have questions...so try to take the burden away from yourselves by anticipating as many of these questions as possible. Answer them on an information card, included in your invitation pack. 


Key things to include:

- Local hotels and accommodation

- Taxi & transport information

- Dress requirements

- Gifting information - honeymoon fund, gift list, charity donation


Most people choose to include a separate RSVP card in their invitation packs, although some choose to include an email address or telephone number on the main invitation. If you are including an RSVP, provide an envelope for guests to return them to you in...pre-stamp and pre-address it too, for extra bonus point amongst your guests!


Key things to include:

- RSVP date

- Space for names and accept/declines

- Dietary requirements

- Choose a song to dance too, etc

Exciting Extras!

You may want to up style your invitation packs yourself, but we also create, produce and assemble finishing touches such as belly bands, envelope liners, hessian, lace, pearls, twine, ribbon, etc.

Contact us now for more information or click here to order a sample!

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