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Intimate Wedding at Paxton Wines Adelaide

Equality and inclusivity are values I hold very dear, and I have always been a staunch supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. So when Adelaide marriage celebrant, Vicky Flanegan, got in touch to collaborate on a shoot celebrating the anniversary of Marriage Equality in Australia, I was so keen to be involved.

We wanted the shoot to celebrate how far we’ve come since the marriage equality bill passed in 2017, and to mark how important the anniversary is to the wider community. Both Vicky and I felt that it was imperative to ensure diversity across the team and uplift the voices of the LQBTQIA+ community here in Adelaide; ensuring the narrative was curated by the whole team rather than by Vicky and I. It was a pre-requisite of being involved that suppliers had to identify as LGBTQIA+ or be outspoken allies of the community.

We enlisted Corey & Adam as our wonderful couple; the pair had been married by Vicky earlier this year, so the three had a beautiful connection and friendship already established. It was so fun to play with multitudes of texture with Adam & Corey's outfits...utilising the most beautiful suits from Oscar Hunt Weddings, gorgeous crowns from AEL Este, a tulle cape by Couture Love Madness and a striking floral beast piece by Vulture Violet Studio.

“As cis-het women, we wanted to raise up and listen to the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community, which is why we were so supportive of everyone’s craft and encouraged suppliers to play to their own creativity; we wanted everyone to own the narrative,” Vicky.

The day was filled with talent, creativity and love...with effortless atmosphere provided by Tania of Choons & Moovs.


Planner, Stylist & Papergoods Wonderland Invites

Planning & Celebrant Vicky Flanegan

Photography Jewel Chenoweth

Videography APWV Videography

Suits Oscar Hunt

Additional Hire Memory Lane & Stemhaus

Signage Ivory Scribe

Crowns AEL Este

Pet Care Veils & Tails

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