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What is Die Cutting? Why Do I Love It?

Die-cutting is a finishing technique that has taken the wedding stationery world by storm in recent years, and it has fast become one of my specialities...whether it's an arch shaped invite, or a wave cut place card, it's a relatively easy-to-achieve technique that has maximum impact when paired with the right design and paper-stock...yes, let's talk all about die-cutting!

A few years ago, laser-cutting was huge in the wedding stationery world; think lace-effect wraparounds fastened with pearl clips. But as couples began to embrace a cleaner, more modern aesthetic...die-cutting founded an almost cult-like appeal. It began with arches and progressed to half arches, double-arches and even half moon and wave shapes. And with new machinery/programmes allowing for more movement and variation...the possibilities are truly endless.

So, why do I personally love die-cutting?

Well, for me, I love die-cutting as it allows for a deeper level of personalisation. For example, I recently worked with a couple who share a mutual love for Van Gogh, and so their invitations paid homage to a number of Van Gogh's artwork, including Sunflowers. We opted for a sunflower shaped details card, with the lines of the flower printed in white.

Added dimension and texture!

Die-cutting also adds dimension and texture without incorporating more luxury techniques such as embossing and hot-foiling, and when stacked together, an invitation suite involving a range of shapes can look super striking (especially when the card colours contrast nicely too).

My absolute favourite shape combination is arch for the main invite, half arch or wave for the details card and a double-arch for the RSVP...this combo fits beautifully together and promotes so much textural interest for the receiver!

Create a lasting impression with shaped signage!

If you're incorporating die-cutting for your invitations, have you thought about mimicking the shapes across your wedding day with matching menus, place-cards and signage? It's relatively easy for a signage printer to shape-cut your large/medium signs in shapes complementing your invitations, which allows you to maintain the same visual story for your guests.

Just imagine how impactful shape-cut signage will be in your wedding photographs too!

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