Venue Sourcing

Venue Sourcing

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Planing a wedding is a big task. And with hundreds upon hundreds of venues around the UK, finding the perfect place to host your big day can often be a daunting and stressful task. With each venue being vastly different, both visually and operationally, finding a perfect match for your own needs and budget can be a little on the difficult side.

Our process is simple and will help you make informed decisions about the venue for your wedding day. 

Step 1: Phone/Email Consultation

In a 30 minute phone consultation, or through email, we will ask for some information around the theme of your day in order to understand the type of wedding you are hoping to have. We will also ask you some questions about your ideal venue, expected numbers of guests and the time of year you would like to be married. 

We will email you the notes from this consultation so that you may confirm all details before we begin our research. 

Step 2: Research & Shortlisting

After the consultation process, we will begin researching venues according to your stipulations and requirements. Once we have collated the information you require, we will condense the research into a document, offering you a shortlist of five venues; honestly listing their virtues and their downsides in line with your brief.  

Step 3: Presentation & Viewing Arrangements 

Once we have collated the information for you, we will present this information either via email or by phone. From this secondary consultation, we will choose three venues together which fit your brief most closely, and we will then make arrangements for you to view.

If you would like to discuss our process in more detail, please contact us on or use our contact form.